Sunday, April 9, 2017


Never produced.

The plot: Sarah Jane Hotchkiss is a simple young girl from Topeka who dreams to become a Las Vegas showgirl, but her boyfriend is a pragmatist with his feet firmly on the ground who tries to make her see real life. One day she learns of a country wide contest to choose a spokesperson for the Hotel Spectacular in Las Vegas, so she quits her job and off she goes. Her boyfriend follows her and tries to convince her to return with him to Topeka. She stays and wins the title of Miss Spectacular. But her success only lasts a few minutes as a search for Miss Voluptuous starts the next morning and Miss Spectacular is forgotten. She realizes that her real life is at Topeka with her boyfriend at her side and they marry on the hotel’s little chapel.

Musical Numbers: Overture – Miss What’s Her Name – Las Vegas – Ziegfeld Girl – Sarah Jane – Where in the World is My Prince? – No Other Music – I Wanna Live Each Night – Miss Spectacular – My Great Dream

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