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Broadway opening: January 6th, 1979 - Run: 61 performances

Directed by Gerald Freedman - Book by Michael Stewart & Mark Bramble - Based on the Play by Franz Werfel and S. N. Behrman - Choreography by Donald Saddler - Orchestrations by Philip J. Lang

Starring: Joel Grey (Jacobowsky), Florence Lacey (Marianne), Ron Holgate (The Colonel), Gene Varrone, Stephen Vinovich, Travis Hudson, Chevi Colton, George Reinholt, Grace Keagy, Jay Stuart

The plot: In 1940, Jacobowsky, a war refugee and survivor, persuades a colonel to team with him to escape from France to England. Their first stop is at St. Cyrille to catch the Colonel’s girlfriend, Marianne, but she doesn’t want to leave and only Jacobowsky is able to convince her. While they all try to run away from the invading Germans, he starts falling in love with her.
Their escape plan doesn’t work and they are forced to fight for their lives. By the end only two of them can go to England, so Jacobowsky says farewell to the Colonel and Marianne, and as they sail to England he begins is own journey.

Awards Nominations: Tony for Best Original Score, Best Actor (Joel Grey), Best Featured Actor (Ron Colgate)

Musical Numbers: Overture - I'll Be Here Tomorrow - For Poland - I Belong Here - Marianne - We're Almost There - More and More / Less and Less - One Extraordinary Thing - Mrs. S. L. Jacobowsky - Wedding Conversation / Mazeltov - I Think, I Think - Marianne (reprise) - You I Like - I Belong Here / I'll Be Here Tomorrow (reprises) - You I Like (reprise)

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