Sunday, April 9, 2017


Broadway opening: February 6th, 1969 - Run: 132 performances

Directed by Joe Layton - Book by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee - Based on the Play by Jean Giraudoux - Choreography by Joe Layton - Orchestrations by Philip J. Lang

Starring: Angela Lansbury (Countess Aurelia), Jane Connell, Carmen Matthews, Pamela Hall, Kurt Peterson, Milo O'Shea, Joe Masiell, William Larsen, Clifford Fearl, Charles Karel, Zale Kessler, Charles Welch

The plot: Countess Aurelia is a madwoman whose mission in life is feeding the stray cats of Paris and is always dreaming of her lost lover. She lives on the Café Francis, the main target of an evil corporation who wants to drill oil under the streets of Paris. When a young man, whose mission is to destroy the café, fails to do so and wants to kill himself the Countess decides to help him and hide him from the corporation. Among with her friends, she decides that the men behind the corporation are evil and the world will be a better place without them.

Musical Numbers: Overture - The Spring of Next Year - Each Tomorrow Morning - I Don't Want to Know - I've Never Said I Love You - Garbage - Dear World - Ballet - Kiss Her Now - The Tea Party - And I Was Beautiful - Each Tomorrow Morning (Reprise) - One Person – Finale

Awards: Tony for Best Actress (Angela Lansbury) - Awards Nominations: Tony for Best Scenic Design

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